Sinead's Green Heart Foundation

“Sinead had the ability to instantly make you feel like a close friend. Someone she wanted to know everything about”

Susan Davis Murphy

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Remembering Sinead

Sinead Murphy was the youngest of four beautiful sisters. She loved playing dress up, horses and learning everything she could. Though full of light, exuberance, and love, Sinead suffered from a chronic diminishing muscle tone which made her struggle with even the most common daily activities. In spite of this, she rarely complained, and she was always full of smiles.

From the moment she entered a room, with her bright red hair and gregarious personality, Sinead always made her presence known. No one got past her without a thought-provoking question; her bright, observant eyes didn’t miss a thing. Sinead had the ability to instantly make you feel like a close friend, someone she wanted to know everything about. Her warm and caring nature made a few moments with Sinead feel like a lifetime of connection.

Sinead passed away at age 11 after a courageous fight against a rare genetic disorder. Her close-knit family cherishes every day they spent with her. Though her absence leaves a great void in the lives of all who knew her, through Sinead’s Green Heart Foundation, her spirit of love and giving live on, giving hope and opportunity to kids who need it most.

The Foundation’s purpose to help children who are in need in a variety of ways including The Children of Promise Stables in Nanuet, NY and Jawanio in New City,  NY.

We want to remember the best of Sinead. The Green Heart Foundation allows us to not only remember, but also to share with others our fondest memories of our daughter, sister, and best friend.