Our mission

To improve the lives of children with special needs

Sinead’s Green Heart Foundation was started by Sinead’s family and friends. Our goal is to help improve the lives of children with special needs and offer financial support directly to their families. 

What we do

We support

Through our extensive network of volunteers we identify special needs children, and organizations caring for these children, that will benefit from our financial support. This support is made possible by our generous contributors.                                                                                                  

We bring awareness

Through community involvement and fund raising efforts we strive to bring awareness to the wide variety of challenges that special needs children face on a daily basis.                                                       

We enhance lives

Our financial support provides special needs recipients with specialized equipment that can make their day to day lives a little less stressful. Whether it is a purposely designed car seat for a teenager or music equipment for a children’s hospital, our efforts help enhance the lives of those we serve.                                                                             

We build connections

We understand the challenges faced by families of children with special needs.  Through our initiatives we bring these families together and create lasting connections and support networks.

The Foundation also offers financial support to other organizations that help special needs families  We strive to provide support to all children regardless of the medical label assigned to their burden. 


Your support will change lives. Period.